Home is closer than you think!

All of us are human and unfortunately, we don't always have perfect credit.  The good news is that we have access to several programs to assist home buyers who have:  No Down Payment - Low Credit Scores - Foreclosures or Bankruptcy.


Home Partners is dedicated to providing responsible households a fair and transparent path to homeownership.

Unlike a traditional mortgage, a resident’s financial commitment is limited to the initial term of the Lease.

  1. Understand our Lease with a Right to Purchase
  2. Apply and get approved
  3. Find a home that’s right for you
  4. We buy the home. You lease it and have the right to buy it later if you want to

I have never dealt with a company in the real estate industry that was so pleasant and easy to work with. The entire process is incredibly professional. Your staff is very customer service oriented; you actually made the process of moving into what will be my home a pleasure.